Forgive 'childish' Obinim- Amoako Atta to Ghanaians

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 Source: topfmonline.com

Apostle Francis Amoako Atta has apologised on behalf of Bishop Daniel Obinim whom he describes as a child.

Speaking to Top Midday News- Kaseabo No Coequal- the leader of the Freedom Chapel International said he pleads with Ghanaians to forgive Bishop Obinim for the sake of his followers.

He further stated that words of caution have be given to people who are guided by a child in the Bible because of mistakes attached to one’s life during childhood.

“Woe unto any nation or church whose king or leader is a juvenile;” adding that, all he does is from his childish thoughts.

The leader of International Godsway Church has been widely criticised by a section of Ghanaians for flogging two teenagers in his church for fornication.

After being arrested by the Tema Police, he was transferred to the CID headquarters for further investigations into allegations of fraud levelled against him by one Bismark Kusi for swindling him of an amount of GHC11.6 million.

According to Bishop Obinim, his presence in the police cells was met with harsh treatments from some officers and has subsequently cursed them.

In reaction to this, Apostle Amoako Atta said the lips of the servant of God is to speak blessings on the nation and those living in it.

Making similar references in the Bible, he said some of the disciples were flogged but jubilated when they were released, saying that they were glad to have suffered for the sake of the gospel.

You can’t deny it; the bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, but that quote in the bible refers to prophets and anointed ones who are blameless.

“The question is, why was he arrested? Since January to this time, have you been arrested by the police?” he rhetorically asked the interviewer.

“Nobody is above the law, so the law deals with anyone who violates it. Cursing someone for punishing you for violating the law will not hold just as quoted in the bible, a curse without cause will not alight”.

"Anyone who goes astray must humble him or herself, no quotation in the Bible vindicates him especially when one of the victims was dragged back from the pulpit to be flogged after seeking for some comfort there," he concluded.

Source: topfmonline.com
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