Ghana@60 Library project report submitted to Planning Committee

Ken Amankwah Committee Ghana@60 Committee Chairman, Ken Amankwah

Mon, 4 Dec 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Report on the Ghana@60 Library project is ready and has been submitted to the Ghana@60 Committee.

The feasibility study report covers all the proposed sites for the library project in the 10 regions of Ghana (40 remote communities).

West Blue Consulting, as part of its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), undertook to build 60 libraries in deprived areas across the 10 regions of Ghana, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana.

In view of this, a committee with representatives from The Presidency, The Ghana 60 Years On Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Library Authority, The selected Construction Firm, and West Blue Consulting was set up.

The Committee was to ensure the success of the project from concept to conclusion. The Ghana@60 Library project was subsequently launched.

The Feasibility Study/Sites Selection commenced, with a team comprising of West Blue Consulting, The Ghana 60 Years On Secretariat and professionals from the Building and Construction Industry, embarking on a trip to all the 10 regions of Ghana (40 remote communities), to inspect the suitability of the proposed sites by the Regional Coordinating Councils for the library project.

The Feasibility Study/Sites Selection has since been completed with the report submitted to the Committee.

A statement released by the Management of West Blue Consulting said “The project was expected to be completed in March 2018, however, West Blue Consulting, the company spearheading the project has recently been acquired by Customs World, a Dubai-based company.

“In view of the acquisition of West Blue, the Library project is expected to be delayed as the new company is currently reviewing all projects of West Blue including all CSR projects.

“The comprehensive review of all West Blue’s CSR projects by the new company will impact the delivery of the Library project.

“A statement on the Ghana@ 60 Library project will be made following the review”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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