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Mahama sacked me from presidency less than 48 hours after Mills’ death - Koku Anyidoho

Koku Anyidoho and John Mahama

Wed, 7 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Koku Anyidoho, the former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has claimed that less than 48 hours after the death of former President John Evans Atta-Mills, president John Mahama asked him to vacate the presidency citing his inability to work with him.

Speaking in an interview with Atinka TV on June 1, 2023, Koku Anyidoho detailed a phone call he received a day after the passing of President Mills.

According to him, someone called him to inquire about his well-being but he didn’t trust the call due to his discerning spirit.

“Prof died on 24 July 2012, on the 26 of July in the morning around 6 am…so let’s say less than 48 hours I got a call from one of these people, the person asks Koku how are you? then I replied I’m fine but I didn’t trust the call…because God has given me some discerning spirit so when the call came in and I saw it, I knew it wasn’t genuine.”

Koku Anyidoho added that immediately after the first caller, another called in, informing him that a decision had been made during a meeting held on July 25, 2012, to dismiss him as the Director of Communications from the presidency.

He asserted that he was told by the caller that the newly appointed president had stated that he could not work with him "for obvious reasons."

“So, five minutes after the call another person called, and he was like yesterday we were in a meeting, which is the 25th July and a decision has been taken that I must leave the presidency and that the new president (John Mahama) says that he can’t work with you for obvious reasons, so get ready and pack out of the presidency.

“Go and look for three or four state institutions so that you will be considered either CEO or deputy CEO because as for the presidency you are out, so he was like by the end of the day people will call you and tell you, so, I don’t want you to be shocked that is why I am telling you in advance, I said thank you,” he added.


He added that a few days later he visited a prominent individual within the party, who bluntly suggested that he should look for another job because his appointment has been terminated by the new president.

“…a couple of days later I drove to the home of one of the big men, by 7 am I was there, so the moment I sat down, then he was like, Koku you have to go and look for another job, are you going to go back to the bank …so I replied him that the bank that I left for more than ten years now, how I’m I going back to the bank.

“So, he mentioned the name of the president, saying that he has said he cannot work with me so I have to leave and go and look for something else to do,…when I left that man’s house and I didn’t commit suicide, it means that it is not in my DNA to commit suicide, I was shocked because I thought I was so close to Prof so if anybody will deny me, not him and all this happened before the burial of prof.”

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