Koans Estate boss gives Akufo-Addo 64% for first year in office

Akufo Addo Mining President Akufo-Addo

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

International Socrates Award winner and CEO of Koans Building Solutions, Mr Kofi Anokye has given Nana Akufo-Addo’s government a credit rating of 64% for the work done in their first year in office.

Contained in a detailed review article that analysed 10 key policies and decisions taken by the government in the year 2017, the Ghana Property Hall of Famer was of the view that government did well enough in the first year in spite of many mistakes and challenges that nearly took the shine off their best efforts.

He also indicated that the quest to meet their campaign promises prevented them from looking beyond and factoring needs that could not be envisaged in opposition.

According to him, restoring the nursing trainees allowances and telling other trainees demanding for equity that they weren’t promised in the elections was a clear sign that government was overly religious with campaign promises and that can be very problematic because, in government, our president should have the courage to discard some promises if the reality on the ground after taking over power does not make them feasible.

According to him: “Quality leadership is about making decisions today with tomorrow in mind”

“Governing for applause is a very dangerous thing. Be strategic and flexible and surely you will succeed”. He stated in his concluding comments.

Assessing government over 10 key areas, the vocal Estate Developer intimated that listening to critics is key to achieving development for the people of Ghana.



I was of the view that involving the private schools and making boarders pay for the boarding charges while government absorb every charge that has to do with the impartation of knowledge would have forced many parents to opt for the day option and thereby doing away with the pressure on the few boarding facilities and the cost of funding the program.

Education should be a shared responsibility between parents and the state, taking away their parental involvement will not only breed irresponsible parents but also make children less dependent on their parents. Disobedience is the potential result if children.


The paperless port system is the best thing that happened to the port as far as revenue generation is concerned. With report of almost doubled revenue since the introduction attests to the fact that it is a novelty worthy of praise.

Additionally, in view of the fact that the system guarantees efficiency, importers are now paying higher than they are used to and that is affecting their businesses.

Government needs to respond to this by reducing taxes because taxes are introduced with the losses in mind and therefore since efficiency has been achieved, relief should be given to importers by way of tax reduction to encourage people to embrace it.


Increasing the growth rate from 3.6% to 9%, decreasing MPR from 25% to 21% and reducing inflation by almost 4 percent is a step forward.

In the end, government can pride itself with a tall list of economic successes chalked which I concur but as long as exchange rate keeps getting higher, lending rate not doing better: it will not have the trickle-down effect on businesses and individuals. This is the only relevant economic success as far as Ghanaians are concerned

On the management of the economy, I will give them 60%


I believe the removal of nuisance was one of the political facial dressings in itself because it did not in any way affect the cost of doing business at both the businessman and consumers point of view so it is much ado about nothing. If government want to help us, then they should go to the corporate tax, they should look at the Petroleum Management Levi, Energy Sector Levy, they should look at the cost of importation and other relevant areas which can impact positively on the cost of doing business.


I believe that when such disregard for the laws of our land rears their head dressed in party colours, we must look at making statements to discourage it in the future.

We need to take a strong stance against such crimes because tolerated vigilante groups can grow to become rebel groups.

I give government 45% for security and that is very charitable given how poor security issues were handled in 2017.


In view of this, I will rate Planting Food and Jobs 72% because it is the answer to the declining food production sector which is by far the largest employer in the country.

Going forward, the program should be used to encourage more youth into Agriculture with support that does not require being a party member to access it.

Depoliticizing this all important policy is key to its success and sustainability.

The story of President Kufour’s Corporate Village Enterprise (COVE) and the Integrated Action Project for Cassava Starch Production all under PSI should serve as a guide if we don’t want this policy to end up like the above laudable initiatives ended.


To fight Galamsey and sustain the small-scale mining which is the preserve of Ghanaians, we need a plan and sustained effort.

I believe going forward, government will put measures in place to keep the sector active so that the legitimate operators suffering for the wrongs of others can get back to work.

I will give government 75 for the fight against illegal mining because it takes boldness to stand against institutionalized wrong.

POWER: 65%

On energy, I will give government 65% because they have managed to make Ghanaians totally forget the demons of ‘dumsor’ with a more consistent power supply but at very high cost to consumers.

Going forward though, we need to decentralize our power supply, look at mini hydro dams where feasible, solar and wind where need be.

Power: Good


What I recommend that should be done is for the public to be well educated on how it functions because that is key to deriving the maximum from the program.

I will give government 65% because education is key to the smooth implementation and that has been very unimpressive. With time, it would be resolved but the early signs aren’t encouraging.

Ghana Post GPS: Good


All we hear from this government is alleged corruptions from this man, but in the, end no show!!!

In view of this, I will give government 40% in the fight against corruption because nothing was done apart from getting the Special Prosecutor Bill through Parliament. I am wondering when investigations will began, offenders sent to court for prosecution, and when judgment will be pronounced if a full year is required to see a bill through.


For the full review, go to:http://www.isaackyeiandoh.com/2018/01/review-of-nana-akufo-addos-first-year.html

On infrastructure, he indicated that his decision not to rate them was down to the very little done in that sector and his recognition of the need to create stability in the micro-economic environment to be in the position to invest significantly in infrastructure.

On the Real Estate Sector, he had this to say: “, policies should be tailor-made for the growth of the Real Estate Sector because it is a major employment generator and therefore its success will automatically result in job creation for all manner of skills.”

According to him: “the Real Estate Industry is one of the few sectors that employ from the downtrodden to professionals at the highest level and therefore any government really committed to job creation will not overlook it. This sector has been ignored for too long to the detriment of the economy and the wellbeing for Ghanaians.”

In conclusion, he called on government to accept criticisms aimed at getting the best from them in good faith instead of treating such critics as enemies because it is only through this that mistakes can be avoided.

Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh
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