LPG government will create 24/7 economy to boost employment – Kofi Akpaloo

KOFI AKPALOO Kindom Founder of the liberal party of Ghana, Mr. Kofi Akpaloo

Wed, 5 May 2021 Source: Richard Obeng Bediako, Contributor

The founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Mr. Kofi Akpaloo, says it is committed to creating one million jobs if he is elected in the 2024 presidential elections.

According to him, he will create the jobs; an employment act to create more jobs will be passed in Parliament while they work to change the economy to a 24-hour economy.

Speaking to Reynold Agyemang on ‘Pae Mu Ka’ on Accra-based Kingdom FM 107.7, he said that, “The next LPG government will create a 3-shift economy, especially in manufacturing and other high-end services, which operates 24 hours non-stop.

Thus, the additional two shifts will be a source of additional employment.

Companies that currently operate 24 hours with only two shifts of 12 hours each in violation of the labour law (which specifies a maximum of 8 hours), will be required to run three shifts and thus create a third stream of jobs.”

He said the LPG is interested in creating a friendly business environment to encourage the private sector to create more jobs, adding that this will also be done through tax breaks.

“Our plan is to stimulate the creation of sustainable jobs by creating an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive. One of the things we will do to achieve this is to significantly reduce the cost of doing business in Ghana through tax cuts, so that businesses are able to plough back their savings into their businesses, expand and create sustainable jobs,” he said.

He added that scrapping import duties on commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment will also help in achieving the creation of one million jobs.

Source: Richard Obeng Bediako, Contributor
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