Obinim delivers lady who slept with over 9000 men

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Wed, 11 Apr 2018 Source: YEN

YEN.com.gh has sighted a video of popular man of God, Bishop Daniel Obinim, in which he is delivering a young lady from prostitution.

Coming from the camp of someone like Bishop Obinim, this would have been a normal occurrence.

But the video of this deliverance session has gone viral for the interesting reason that the lady being delivered had allegedly slept with over 9000 different men.

This figure was calculated by Bishop Obinim based on the young lady's narration.

According to the lady who will likely be in her 20s, she has been a prostitute for the last seven years and was bent on stopping.

“I don’t want to be a prostitute anymore. I have been in this practice for seven years. I can’t give a raw figure but I can say I have slept with a lot of men,” she stated.

But Bishop Obinim insisted that she disclose the total number of men she has slept with.

The lady who who found it hard to tell, then revealed that she had been sleeping with about four to five men a day.

“I can’t give you a raw figure of it but I can give the number of men I have sex with within a day. I can sleep with four to five guys in a day.”

It was then that Bishop Obinim brought out his calculator to determine the number of men the lady had slept with in the seven years she has been a prostitute.

And his estimates put the number of men at 9,448, assuming that the slept with four people at in day.

Bishop Obinim, the founder and leader of the International Godsway Church (IGWC) is a controversial character who is often in the news for such deliverances and miracles.

He recently was spotted in video 'charming' a passport from his shoe for one of his congregants.

Source: YEN
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