Obinim replaces damaged intestines of young girl

Wed, 10 Aug 2016 Source: Kasapa FM

The leader of International God’s Way church(IGWC) Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has once again shocked the nation and his congregation after God used him to replace the damaged intestines of a young girl.

Sandra Afriyie Nyarko for three weeks could not pass out faeces. Holy family hospital in techiman said she needs to be operated on after the mother took her to the hospital for treatment . Doctors revealed her intestines have been damaged and only a surgery can save her life.

The mother, after doctors diagnosis. came to IGWC to meet Bishop Obinim for spiritual intervention. She was given oil, Bishop Obinim promised to heal her so they should not go for the surgery

According to the little girl the night they came to the church she Dreamt and saw two black dogs, suddenly she saw Bishop Obinim who turned into a white dog and chased the black dogs away.

She said Bishop came back in human form and ask her to relax so he can perform an operation. She revealed Bishop brought new intestines and removed he damaged ones. All happened in the dream.

According to the mother when they were going home the little girl said she feels like emptying her bowels and she did freely even though she has not been able to do that for 21 days

The woman and the daughter returned to the hospital and the mother informed the doctors that God has used Angel Obinim to healed her daughter.

The doctors didn’t believe it, they used machines to check and suddenly the doctors started clapping, for the Miraculous work done by God through his servant, Bishop Obinim. The doctors say her intestines have been changed and she has a new intestines.

Little serwaa Afriyie Nyarko and her mother were at Kumasi branch of IGWC to give testimony as to what God has used Bishop Obinim to do for them.

Source: Kasapa FM
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