Palm Sunday: Social media has replaced our ‘Hossana palm frond days’ – Christians

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Sun, 14 Apr 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Palm fronds, colorful dresses and excited shouts of ‘Hosanna’ on the streets of the country were very common to see in the past whenever Palm Sunday was being marked by Christians particularly those in this country.

Although it still happens randomly during the period, the procession with all its excitement seems to be gradually fading away with many celebrating it on a quieter side or more definitely on social media with several colourful posts.

Palm Sunday is the first major event ahead of the Easter Celebrations; a day marked to remember the ‘Triumphant Entry’ of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem before his crucifixion, burial and ascension. Some Christians who spoke to Ghanaweb highlighted the significance of the day; it reminds them of the start of the painful journey the Saviour, Christ Jesus embarked on to save the world.

Reminiscing their childhood days where the processions with ‘Hosanna’ chants were prevalent, they noted that it was an enjoyable moment.

“Growing up as a child, towards palm Sundays, we’ll be weaving palm branches, moving along the streets and all but it’s not really seen now, back in those days it was very interesting, we were all looking forward to the Palm Sunday”.

“When we were younger we’ll have palm fronds and walk in the streets and in church and be singing Hossanna but now that we’ve grown, we’ve resorted to sitting in our seats and acting professional with Christ. Maybe we should decorate our adult services with palm fronds so that we can have it as we did when we were kids”.

They however acknowledged the changes in time especially with the emergence of social media and technology, it appears many would rather silently acknowledge the day with pictures and or phrases on their various platforms than move around with palm fronds.

“When I was younger, I had palm fronds I took along, it was fun because we had drumming and the bass band guys following comparing to today where I’ll just put a picture of the palm frond on my WhatsApp Status or social media handles just to celebrate it”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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