Scrap president media encounter; journalists asking shallow questions – Gyampo

Prof Gyampo Lekw Professor Ransford Gyampo

Wed, 17 Jan 2018 Source: atinkaonline.com

A senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has said the President’s media encounter series should be scrapped since journalists are not asking thought-provoking questions.

Speaking on Accra based Asempa FM’s “Eko sii sen” Wednesday, the lecturer said over the years, relevant questions have been ignored by journalists during such encounters, rendering the process irrelevant.

“The performance of journalists in this year’s encounter was abysmal just like the previous ones.

“If that continues then it should be scrapped; it is not the forum to sing praises or ask unnecessary questions.” In his view, detailed research wasn’t taken into account prior to the event.

“If journalists won’t seize the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions, then the president should go to the market, ask traders of their needs and they will be able to tell the president exactly what they want,” he said.

Professor Gyampo said the few relevant questions asked were not followed up. According to him, unsatisfactory responses to questions require “follow-ups”,

He reiterated that many of the questions asked were ‘disjointed’, exposing journalists to ridicule.

Source: atinkaonline.com
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