Tema shipyard workers want President to reward MD

Francis Kwesi Micah Ceo Tema The acting Chief Executive Officer of the Tema Shipyard, Capt. Francis Kwesi Micah

Wed, 13 Jun 2018 Source: ghananewsagency.org

A crusade has started building up at the PSC Tema Shipyard Company where workers want company Managing Director, Capt. Francis Kwesi Micah acknowledged and incentivised for hard work.

Since taking over leadership from his predecessor, Mohammed Ali Tunde, the workers claim Capt. Micah has turned around the fortunes of the company and established it on a footing so sound that investors that were lost are returning to do business with them.

“Last year alone, we got 34 vessels calling at our shores compared to 16 vessels in 2016. We also, for the first time in a long while exceeded our revenue target,” said Isaac Kluvia, Head of the Electrical Department of Tema Shipyard Company and Vice Chairman of the Senior Staff Association.

Mr Kluuvia who said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on how the company was faring said the phenomenal turnaround was worth celebrating and worth acknowledging and so made a call on President Akufo-Addo to commemorate the success and incentivise the new MD for it.

Such an acknowledgement, Mr Kluvia said, would serve to motivate other public sector CEOs to work hard for the betterment of the country.

“What has happened in the Tema Shipyard Company is a phenomenal example that must be commemorated in this country, where, unfortunately, incompetence, mediocrity and corruption is more widespread than such qualitative service,” Mr. Kluvia said.

The head of the Electrical Department was one of the workers that led agitations for the removal of Capt. Kwesi Micah’s predecessor, Mohammed Ali Tunde.

He said low revenue inflows reflected on the quality of workers’ conditions of service as many investors had distanced themselves from doing business with the company.

Mr Kluvia said “in 2016, only 16 vessels docked and did business with the Tema Shipyard company. “Things were getting out of hand, and as the number of vessels reduced, relations between the workers and the MD soured. Amidst the deterioration, allegations of corruption also blossomed.”

He said soon the unhappy workers, through their Union leaders, started agitating for the removal of Mr Ali Tunde and eventually became successful when Mr. Tunde was replaced with Capt. Kwesi Micah, an experienced Mariner.

“But we have to be fair to the former MD; he had no experience whatsoever in the field that he had been appointed to lead by the former President. Unlike the current MD who is an experienced Maritime practitioner, the man was not maritime savvy in any way,” Isaac Kluvi said.

The same workers who agitated for the removal of the former MD are the same workers who are celebrating the current MD. Captain Kwesi Micah for turning the fortunes of the company around so phenomenally.

From only 16 vessels that called to do business with the Tema Shipyard in 2016, 34 called home last year. These investors are said to have been attracted, among other things, by tough anti-corruption measures that the new MD has put in place, thereby improving the inflow of investors and revenue tremendously.

Mr Kluvia said there had been cordiality between the MD and workers.

“For instance, whatever packages that the GPHA gives out to workers, our MD ensures that we get our share. Under Capt. Micah, he added, workers have the opportunity to improve themselves through further education and training.”

The new MD, he said had also been shoring up the assets of the company, as the Tema Shipyard Company recently acquired needed top lifters that they used not to have for instance.

“I have been in this field for over 20 years, I have worked under many MDs but this MD is different and worth encouraging. The phenomenal way Captain has turned around the company is amazing and I think he deserves acknowledgement from President Akufo-Addo.

“I don’t know what His Excellency can do but I believe that something needs to be done to commemorate this rare type of resourcefulness, “Mr. Kluvia said.

Mr Evans Tetteh Quaye, Company Union Secretary said the current MD ought to have been appointed long ago.

“We keep asking ourselves how come Captain was around and our politicians just toyed with the Tema Shipyard Company like that. Because current MD is a mariner, he understands the language of the marine industry. Since he realised that we do not have ISO certification, he has been working hard to obtain one and there are signs that very soon, we will have it.

“Through the instrumentality of Capt. Micah, we now have machines which we used not to have including cranes. Last year alone, we acquired two cherry-pickers also called area platforms, Mr Tetteh Quaye said. The current MD’s performance is far above and must be celebrated for his excellent achievement.”

Samuel Attram, Local Union Chairman of the PSC Tema Shipyard Company (formerly called Dry dock) concurred that the new MD deserved a medal of honour, “I give him 100 per cent for his performance so far. Ni pa ye adie a ose ayeyi (credit ought to be given where it is due),” he said.

Source: ghananewsagency.org
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