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Sun, 21 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Fathers are a major part of most families, though their roles are not easily recognized.

They usually are the breadwinners of the family and so have to spend more time hustling to earn money than they spend with their families.

In Ghana and many other countries, the day to day running of the family is the duty of the mother but one man is changing the narrative.

Dr Ibrahim Ofosu Boateng has taken on both roles of father and mother to his three children, to allow his wife pursue her career as a diplomat serving Ghana in other countries.

Not comfortable with having other people raise his children, Dr. Boateng has learnt over the years to combine his caretaking responsibilities with his job as a lecturer and public relations officer of the West End University College.

Sharing his story with GhanaWeb on the special Father’s Day edition of The Untold, Dr Boateng reveals he once quit his job to travel to Cuba to help take care of the children so their mother can give more concentration to work.

“…in 2011, September I tendered in my resignation letter and off I went to Cuba… basically, I was in Cuba just to take care of them.”

Upon realizing that Cuba’s education system wasn’t the best for his children, he returned to Ghana with them in 2014 whilst his wife stayed on in Cuba to work and this was when he took on the role of a full-time mother and father to Jeremiah, Michelle and Lois.

Years after this, with many other events that have seen him doing what he feels best for his children, Dr Ofosu Boateng hasn’t regretted his decision and his children though still young, understand and acknowledge the sacrifices he makes for them.

Dr Ibrahim Ofosu Boateng is just one of the many men in Ghana and across the globe who give reason for fathers to be properly celebrated on a day like this and we hope his story will remind you of that.

To all the men out there making numerous sacrifices for their families, to all the men out there putting smiles on faces and to all the men out there being an inspiration to many, we here at GhanaWeb wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

Watch the full story of Dr Ofosu Boateng below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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