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'She left me for a rich man' – Voice note of man who committed suicide at Ahafo Mim pops up

Kwame Peter was found dead in his room hanging from a ceiling fan

Wed, 31 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A new twist to the suicide story of a shoemaker who hanged himself with a sponge at Ahafo Mim in the Asuanfo Municipal Assembly of the Ahafo Region has emerged.

Kwame Peter was found hanging dead from the ceiling fan in his room on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

The deceased, in a voice note he recorded prior to his death, has blamed the decision to take his own life on his supposed wife.

"Amina, I am sending this recording to you. I know we have been together for a long time. Amina, you left me after finding a rich man. I can't live anymore. I am forcing, but it is now impossible. If you hear that I am dead, make merry because it is because of you. But I know that you will surely come and meet me someday. It is because of you that I am taking my life. I am leaving the child behind for you, take care of her," he said.

The brokenhearted Peter also sent parting words to his family and loved ones, emphasizing his reasoning for taking his own life.

"It is not that I am a fool. But I know the trials and troubles I have been through with the woman who now thinks she has found someone richer than me. And for you, the man who thinks you have taken my woman because you are rich, God bless you. Continue taking people's wives and girlfriends and renting for them because of your money. You will also come to the other world someday and remember someone had money before you did. I thank you for snatching my wife. I leave you all with God," he said.

Peter, who accused his supposed wife of being greedy, also accused the family of the woman of being in support of her actions after sacrificing a lot for their daughter and the entire family.

"If not for you being in my life, I would have been wealthy by now. You always said that yourself, that I would've been wealthy if you people didn't come into my life. Your mother and father have done well because now they have seen a rich man. You, Mohammed, I brought you from the village, enrolled you in school, and took care of you until you completed. Now you have taken your sister and given her to a rich man.

"Make merry and wear white when you hear that I am dead because I am no longer in your lives. To my mother, don't be too worried. As your only son, I've tried to control myself, but that has not worked. I leave you all with God. Goodbye," the voice note concluded.


Kwame Peter, according to residents, left his shop early and failed to return to close the shop when night started to fall.

Residents who felt concerned about the situation followed up to his house where it was discovered that he had hanged himself in his room.

"Yesterday in the morning, my son went to the shop. At about 4 pm, he informed some boys who were with him that he was coming home to pick up something. They waited for him until it started to get dark, but he was not returning to close the shop. They kept calling his phone, but he was not picking up. They followed up to his house and heard the phone ringing in his room.

"So, they called a carpenter to break into the room, and when they entered, he had placed a chair on the bed and hanged himself from the ceiling fan," a sister of the deceased's mother told 'Welcome to Ahafo' in an interview.

Relatives of the deceased, who is a professional shoemaker, said they are yet to identify the motive behind his death but suspect he committed suicide out of being jilted by his wife.

The police have since commenced an investigation into the case after retrieving the body.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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