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We can't force non-Akans to contest NPP executive positions - Freddie Blay

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Thu, 17 May 2018 Source:

Often described as an ethnic-based Akan party with an image problem of lacking inclusiveness, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was advised by its former Director of Communications, Nana Akomea to reserve some slots in its upcoming national elections for non-Akans.

Nana Akomea is concerned the party may end up electing all its executives from the Akan ethnic group, a situation he said will create “an undiversified leadership”.

But Acting National Chairman of the party, Freddie Blay who disagreed with the assertion argued that, the party cannot force non-Akans to contest for executives positions even at the national level.

According to Mr. Blay, the NPP’s constitution allows any eligible member with good standing to contest regardless of the tribe.

“We are operating by constitution, individual members of the party offer themselves to contest, we can’t convince any individual who is determine to contest for position to step down for non-Akans. It’s difficult to do that. It’s not a question of reserving some position but about individuals contesting and winning based on merit,” he said.

Mr. Blay added that this should not be a concern for worry as far as the party’s constitution remains unchanged.

He said, “The chairmanship level, they is someone who is putting up himself and he is non-Akan, we should not be worried, if you want to be worried, you will need to change the constitution and make it look like a position should be appointive.”

However, Mr. Blay was quick to add that appointive positions such as the women’s organiser, the Deputy General Secretary, the Deputy Organiser could be considered in this light.

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