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'We will miss you' - NPP youth tells Sammi Awuku

Sammi Awuku In North Sammi Awuku, NPP National Organizer hopeful with some delegates

Fri, 18 May 2018 Source:

Sammi Awuku’s campaign tour in the three Northern Regions took an emotional turn when he reached out to delegates in their individual constituencies.

“It has become clear that many of the constituency executives have already put their hats in the ring, giving Sammi a 100% endorsement across constituencies in the Northern Region” stated Rashid, Northern Regional Organiser of the NPP.

As he toured the constituencies, many of the youth, especially, looked and cheered Sammi on with nostalgia, looking back at his charismatic leadership as he led the youth of Ghana towards victory in the 2016 elections.

Speaking of Sammi Awuku’s kindness as an empathetic leadership figure, in Bawku, the Youth Organiser was full of appreciation as he recounted how Sammi got him education when his academic aspirations were dashed; his dream to get tertiary education was realised when he met Sammi.

In Tatale, in the northern region, the constituency Youth Organiser did not also mince words about how Sammi’s intervention got him a diploma after his secondary education, when no one was there for him.

In Salaga North and Tamale South, the constituency executives insisted on not allowing Sammi to campaign, explaining that, Sammi’s work in 2016 and before speaks for itself and maintained that “It will be an error to allow you to attempt to convince us to elect you national organiser of the NPP, your work in 2016 and before is enough testimony”, insisted the Salaga North Chairman.

“Sammi, you have done enough to convince us before and during election 2016, and we cannot allow you to say anymore words, you deserve our 100% endorsement, and we promise to deliver that in Koforidua”, said the Tamale South Secretary.

The feeling was no different in the other parts of the three northern regions, where several youth groups emotionally repeated, “We will miss you”. Most were so emotional, shedding tears as Sammi bid them farewell as the National Youth Organiser.

Sammi received an overwhelming support across the three Northern Regions. The iconic youth figure, credited with one of Ghana’s most inspiring mobilisation effort of the youth to massively vote for Nana Akuffo Addo promised to put in lots of effort to make 2020 election easier for the NPP.

As the youth kept pouring out their hearts full of appreciation and sorrow, Sammi kept inspiring them to work even harder for the next National Youth Organiser. He again promised never to abandon them on his accomplishments with the youth, even as he moves further as the National Organiser. The charismatic leader who has been vigorously campaigning in the threes Northern Regions preached his 4-Point Agenda that envisions to greatly enhance the organizational structure of the NPP to make it an election-winning machinery.

Effective Resource Mobilisation and Distribution

According to Sammi, there an interlocking relationship between equitable resource sharing and performance in political party development. In order to guarantee the timeliness and effectiveness of party activities and tasks, he is envisioning to deepen the commitment of party members and executives at all levels (especially grassroots) with an effective mechanism that addresses the disparities in resource sharing within the NPP

Training and Capacity Building

Sammi contends that, political parties, just as any other institution, should continuously seek to enhance their capacity in response to changing circumstances. His efforts will seek to tailor training assistance to the needs of the various operational units of the NPP.

Establishment of a Party Operations Team (POT)

Sammi bemoaned the formation of unregulated party volunteer groups. As part of his integration management process of all operational units of the NPP, Sammi will establish a Party Operations Team to roll out a plan to integrate operations-related interest groups within the NPP. He sees this as a means to also weed out bad persons who perpetrate crime under the guise of being NPP volunteer operatives.

Party Membership Drive

Sammi believes that membership of the NPP has been increasing rather marginally. “Despite numerous initiatives, the NPP still has a long way to go to maintain and attract a substantial new following”, Sammi stated. Sammy intends to embark on a massive recruitment drive for new members into the party.

He also touched on the Welfare of constituency Executives and Members. Sammi promised to seek to be tough on welfare of party executives and members. This effort, he explained, will advance a principled attempt to sharpen the incentives for party work.

Sammi has energized the party base to help Nana Akuffo Addo and his government to bring progress into the lives of the many expectant Ghanaians. Having completed the Upper East and Upper West constituency tours, he’s reached out and engaged with 29 out of the 31 constituencies in the Northern Region. The NPP has slated July 6-8 to elect its new national executives in Koforidua.

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