Women's Day: Women leaders offer perspectives on development of Ghana

Women Leaders Happy.jpeg They want the laws to work effectively

Tue, 9 Mar 2021 Source: peacefmonline.com

Women leaders in Ghana have argued that for Ghana to develop into a world-class country, the focus must be shifted from investment although it is important to the little things.

According to them, Ghana can only grow and develop if laws and institutions are made to work effectively and efficiently.

These women in position made these suggestions in a special edition of the Happy Morning Show, hosted by Fati Shaibu-Ali to celebrate women on International Women’s Day.

Sports Journalist, Betty Yawson indicated that Ghanaians completely disregard rules with institutions also not functioning as they ought to but she believes these are the fundamentals for nation building.

“For Ghana to grow and develop, we need to make the laws of the land work and that of our institutions. When the same Ghanaian travels aborad, he or she regards rules and enjoys the institutions working. It’s not about the big things but let’s start with the little things”, she added.

She believes in as much as this step begins with the individual, the government also has a role to play.

“Anyone who disregards the law should be punished to deter others from following the same path. Ghana will be a better place if we respect the laws of the land”.

Programmes Manager at the National TB control programme, Cynthia Kwabi added that the selective application of the law in the country is another hindrance to the nation’s development.

“It seems the laws are made by parliamentarians for the citizens and that is wrong. Ghana has so many laws and if we all respect them, Ghana will be a better place”.

On her accord, history teaches the nation of long term national developmental plans but the situation is different now.

“We need to focus on a national developmental plan, follow and respect it no matter which party comes to power. That trend of political parties neglecting existing projects to start new ones which will be credited to them must end. The petty politics must stop. We should concentrate on building and developing Ghana for our own good”, she charged.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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