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GFA ExCO forms five-man committee to structure referees appointment committee dissolved

The Executive Committee of Ghana Football Association has instituted a strong five-man delegation to restructure the administrative wings of the FA after the "Number 12" video which has capture some members of the FA.

The committee has been tasked to redesign the administration of football in the country in the aftermath of the Anas documentary aired at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The Referees appointment committee has been dissolved by the newly appointed committee members as their first step targeted at cleansing the house for the new era.

The newly constituted body has already hinted at hauling their members who were captured in the video before the ethics committee of the FA whiles dissolving the appointment committee with immediate effect.

Sources close the Exco hinted that the media glued FA has already requested for the unadulterated video from Anas to help them in their own in-house cleansing.

“We have appointed a 5-Member delegation who have met the Minister once and still discussing with him to have the issue sorted out.


"In the meantime, we have asked all our Members who were involved to step aside.

"We intend to send them to the Ethics Committee for them to defend themselves.

"In this wise, we have requested Anas to furnish us with a copy of the video.

"The Referees Committee has been dissolved whilst a new Committee is being put in place.

"We are liaising with RAG to reorganised the list of Referees for matches since some of them were alleged to have collected bribes in the video.

"Efforts are also being put in place to convene Emergency Congress to consider all issues and possibly draw a roadmap for elections to fill vacant positions created as a result of resignations among others”, a statement from The Executive reads.

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