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Investigate GFA-Glo deal - ABN Lawyer petitions Attorney-General

Lawyer for ABN Marketing Consult, Bright O. Akwetey, has petitioned the Attorney General to consider undertaking a forensic investigation into the Glo Sponsorship deal with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in 2008.

In a letter to the Attorney General, signed by lawyer Akwetey, it stated that ABN secured sponsorship for the football league and the Black Stars in 2008 for $24,000,000.

And per convention established by the GFA, any person who secured sponsorship for the GFA was entitled to a negotiated 15% of the sponsorship package as commission.

According to the legal practitioner, it was Abraham Boakye also referred to as One Man Supporter, Managing Director of ABN, who secured the sponsorship package.

However, the then GFA president, Kwesi Nyantakyi informed Boakye that the football clubs had refused to allow GFA to pay the money to ABN.


The letter added “Nyantakyi, who under another name, had registered as director/shareholder of ABN, did not pay the negotiated 15% Agency fee to ABN and did not add same to the Premier League club’s share of the sponsorship either, but paid the amount to another company called Midsea which was unrelated to the original transaction.

“This case was tried at the High Court (Commercial Division) and Nyantakyi did not attend the trial for even one day, but managed to get one Kofi Nsiah, a former General Secretary of the GFA to tender some fake GFA documents at the trial.

“I did not receive the cooperation I expected from some GFA members who were mentioned in the minutes to unravel the fraud.

“With a forensic examination of the transaction to establish the whereabouts of the agreed agency/commission fee on $24m, that was due to ABN Marketing Consulting Limited, this criminal aspect of the case would immensely assist in streamlining football administration in Ghana.”

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