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Bugri Naabu trolled on social media after election defeat

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Wed, 2 May 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Bugri Naabu trolled on social media after election defeat

It seems the ‘comedic’ tag given to the Ghanaian social media sphere is most likely worth it as the trend of trolls continue to prove inevitable even at a time where the subjects involved are periled.

On Saturday April 28, the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Northern Regional election came to a closure at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale but the defeat of the former Northern Regional Chairman seem to have among other things taken the centre stage.

Daniel Bugri Naabu prior to the elections was involved in an accident and subsequently arrived at the election grounds in a wheelchair.

His mangled vehicle was also towed to the grounds but that did not stop electorates from voting against him.

Many believed that it was an attempt to get sympathy votes from the delegates but that could not help as he failed to retain his seat.

Following his ousting, social media has been awashed with several comments and memes both positive and negative. The most striking one among them is a movie poster which has since gone viral.

The poster is inscribed with the caption “Bugri Naaba; Fear Delegates”, an ironic posture telling Bugri Naabu to take a cue from the just ended elections.

From all indications, the plot of the fictitious movie produced in the Ghanaian Dagbanli dialect will detail the woes of the former outspoken chairman.

Notable elements on the poster include, a cast member with his arm bounded in bandages impersonating Bugri Naabu, another character also mimicking Mohammed A. Baatima Samba - the aspirant who defeated the former chairman and two other casts representing the electorates who disappointed Mr. Naabu over the weekend.

The car involved in the accident was also depicted on the artwork in another fashion.

GhanaWeb cannot confirm the authenticity of the movie poster but would consider this as a spoof and one of the laughable things that come up during some trivia periods in our part of the world.

Daniel Bugri Naabu was unseated as the Northern Regional chairman of the NPP by Mohammed A. Baatima Samba, a financier of the party, garnering 312 votes whiles Mr Naabu polled 116.

In all, 51 aspirants vied for various positions including Chairman, Secretary, Women’s, Youth and Regional Organizers.

About 6,000 delegates from 31 constituencies were expected to exercise their franchise but only about five hundred and sixty-six delegates from 29 constituencies participated in the Northern Regional delegates’ conference.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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