How Ghanaian celebrities waded into Hawa Koomson’s ‘Fish Farming’ controversy

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Sat, 20 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Some Ghanaian celebrities have joined a section of social media users to comment on Hawa Koomson’s command of the English language, countenance, and some responses given at her vetting.

The Fisheries Minister-designate faced the Appointments Committee on February 18, 2021 and was subjected to various questions by members regarding her new role.

The Awutu Senya East MP became the 'talk of the town' after what was described as 'poor performance’ as critics argued that she displayed absolute cluelessness about the sector she's going to head.

Amidst several backlashes, she topped Twitter trends for two consecutive days.

Joining in the conversation, actor and politician, John Dumelo who doubles as a farmer took to his wall to define what fish farming really is as a subtle jab to the nominee who was unable to give a proper definition of the term.

He wrote: “Fish farming ( pisciculture) is breeding and rearing of fish artificially. It involves raising fish in tanks or enclosures or sometimes in cages in rivers or the sea. One main advantage: produces fish commercially. Disadvantage: it’s expensive to set up,”

Media personality and avid Twitter user Bridget Otoo also tried to make fun of the situation saying:

“I have a reservoir, all I need is some tilapia, cassava fish and I’m in business,”

However, model cum musician, Deborah Vanessah had an opposing view:

“She should be asked about statistics, fish farmers problems and SOLUTIONS, give insights about types of fish we rear now and plans to expand etc not asked to give definitions like a Class 3 question in Agric,”

Meanwhile, there have been divided opinions following Hawa Koomson’s appearance at the Appointment Committee.

While some people think she should not be judged for not being eloquent because that does not make her unintelligent, others are of the view that the Committee should not approve her appointment.

Read how some celebrities reacted to Hawa Koomson’s vetting below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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