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I’m disappointed in Kwesi Pratt – A Plus

Controversial musician, Kwame A Plus has expressed disappointment in Kwesi Pratt Jnr over his statement that most of the lyrics in his latest ‘Ab?n b? bom’ track are not factual.

Managing Editor of Insight Newspaper reportedly remarked that greater content of the song was based on hearsays adding that some of the descriptions given some personalities named in the song were unfair.

Reacting to the statement on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz, Thursday, A Plus could not fathom why Mr. Pratt would be talking about facts when he [Pratt] supported him at a time some political personalities wanted to sue him for releasing similar songs.

“I’m a bit disappointed that Mr. Pratt is somebody who supported some of the songs I did about people where there were no facts. He gave me a lawyer when some people wanted to go to court. It gets to a point where I’m saying something about someone who has not even threatened to go to court, and you’re asking where the facts are. Where were the facts when you were finding me a lawyer?” he queried.

A Plus, however, indicated that he has not lost respect for Mr. Pratt.

“I still have that respect for him. I think when you take the politics out, I like him on a certain level,” he noted.

A Plus was of the conviction that ‘Aben be bom’ has become a hit less than a week after its release because of the message it carries.

“It tells everybody out there that people are frustrated. There are genuine concerns; they expect the government to act in a certain way. This is the time…,” he said.

Source: Abrantepa.com
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