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Jerry John Rawlings Bore Jerry Rawlings, former president of Ghana

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings on June 4, 2018, called out the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for constantly lying to Ghanaians.

He recounted personal experiences where members of his own party told many lies about his family.

This attitude, he said, has made it difficult for him to criticize the Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration over its management of the country.

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings says he does not believe anything members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) say because of the lies they constantly tell.

He said members of his own party have told many lies about him and his wife to the extent that it has become difficult for him to criticize the Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration over its management of the country.

Speaking at the 39th Anniversary of the June 4 Revolution at the Madina Social Welfare Centre in Accra on Monday, Mr. Rawlings pointed out that it would be difficult to criticize the work of others when some elements in the NDC do nasty and evil things and turn around to insult people.

The former President, who indicated that he had not revealed all greedy acts perpetuated by the NDC during their tenure, noted that “some little ones are so vicious with their mouth and use insults as their weapons to discredit others.”

He noted that the NDC has become used to insulting him, his wife and Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor, and that makes him wonder if they are his own people.

He also disclosed that the same lies led the party to treat Mr. Amidu like an ‘outcast,’ adding that the NPP government recognized his true value and character and appointed him as Special Prosecutor.

“And I was telling a story about some of the little ones who are so vicious with their mouth and I told very interesting stories about the kind of sins and nasty evil things they do and turn around and insult people like Martin Amidu, like myself, like my wife, and I wonder if that is my wife they are talking about; I wonder if that is Martin Amidu they are talking about; I wonder if that is me.

“ That is why when you say I don’t criticise Nana Addo for the things he does I must be quite honest I must allow us to want to believe or disbelieve because I know some of the things some of our people say about my wife, Martin Amidu and myself are false,” he stressed.

“When we had the chance we made an outcast, an outcast of our own (Mr. Amidu), allowing our rivals to recognize the true wealth and offer him such a sensitive national anti-corruption position. What does that make of us?” Mr. Rawlings told the gathering.

Embarrassing Defeat

The former President told the crowd that the vicious lies, insults, and mediocrity contributed to the party’s unprecedented defeat of John Dramani Mahama.

He indicated that the party had also deviated from its core democratic values and embraced elitist ideals.

He indicated that the NDC had not learned lessons from the defeat in the 2016 elections, saying “they have once again decided to employ the same tactics that led to us losing power.”

“Some are still sponsored to denigrate those who are bold to speak the truth. Some aspirant candidates are abused by some national executives who are supposed to be non-aligned at least publicly. Elections at the grassroots are fraught with varying degrees of complaint and we are still pursuing an agenda that far alienates us from the core values of why we exist,” Mr. Rawlings declared.

“Ironically, the party that was seen as elitist and detached from the grassroots rather associated with the grassroots to win the last election while we chose the elitist root and lost miserably. The NDC needs to rise up from the ashes of 2016. But for us to be able to take the first steps to resurgence, we have to be ready to practice and defend the democratic principles that define who we are supposed to be. We cannot continue to celebrate opulence and mediocrity and count ourselves as a viable alternative to the current government.”

Unity Walk

Mr. Rawlings, who appears to have issues with former President Mahama, once again took a swipe at him for taking advantage of the party faithful for his personal gains through his so-called ‘Unity Walk.’

He said the unity of the party must be all-encompassing and not directed at the parochial agenda aimed at marketing some individuals.

He noted that all potential candidates in the NDC deserve equal treatment from the rank and file, as well as supporters of the party, and must not dance to the tunes of a few individuals.

“When we make reference to unity it should not be a parochial agenda aimed at marketing some individuals. The unity drive should be all-encompassing, driven by the passion and desire to repair the cracks that led to 2016 [defeat]. Potential candidates deserve to be treated with respect and equity,” Mr. Rawlings fired.

“In spite of all these issues let us as a party not overlook the challenges plaguing our party. If we forget to clean our house and we spend our energy only attacking our rivals it will not do anything positive for our future,” Mr. Rawlings told the crowd.

Mahama Missing

Former President Mahama was conspicuously missing at the event, which was graced by the rank and file of the NDC.

According to reports, Mr. Mahama has decided to avoid Mr. Rawlings at various NDC’s programmes to show his superiority in the party.

He was also absent at the June 4 Revolution Lecture series organised at the National Theatre.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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