You’re no saint either - Ghanaians blast Rawlings

Rawlings 1 Jerry John Rawlings, former President of Ghana

Tue, 5 Nov 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaians on social media have descended heavily on former President John Jerry Rawlings after his rampant attacks on his successor, John Agyekum Kufuor.

The two former presidents have been in a tug of war recently after the former accused the latter of being responsible for the perennial floods in the country, especially Accra.

According to Rawlings, Kufuor left a legacy of impunity that encouraged Ghanaians to indiscriminately site buildings in waterways which made the latter also respond saying Rawlings should be the last person to ever speak about integrity.

“He (Rawlings) talks about integrity? You know that is like the pot calling the kettle black...He is the last person to talk about integrity,” Kufuor’s spokesperson said in an interview.

However, instead of the score between the two being settled, Rawlings who seemed unimpressed responded again to register his displeasure.

Justifying his reasons, Rawlings said his incessant attacks on Kufuor are borne out of his prior knowledge of the genesis of Ghana’s economic woes stating how his successor is a free man now due to the tolerance of Ghanaians and the country’s poor justice system.

According to him, although he has been advised to let sleeping dogs lie, “I cannot be silent knowing where, when and how the rot started all over again in this country...if I were to call you a hypocrite and other adjectives related to your character defects, I would be stating a fact about your nature.”

Moreover, he said, “For your information, being civil is one thing. Being hypocritical is something else. If I had such character traits we probably would have been allies!”

But Ghanaians reacting to Rawlings’ attack on Kufuor in a series of tweets said he (Rawlings) is no saint so doesn’t have the right to chastise Kufuor since he did worse when he was in power.

While some blamed him for destroying the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country, others said it’s ironical that the former president is criticising Kufuor.

Read the tweets below.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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