Let’s help people out of suicide-prone situations – Rev. Father

Suicide Rate 6 Ghana has recorded a number of suicide cases in the last 2 months

Thu, 18 Feb 2021 Source: GNA

The Reverend Fr David Amissah of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church has said people who commit suicide are normally frustrated and feel like taking their lives to give them happiness in their given circumstances.

According to him some people are fed up with their lives and think there was no hope and therefore to escape the shame, pain and problems they were entangled in, ending their lives was the solution.

Rev Amissah in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema said there was the need to help people out of situations that could lead them to taking their lives.

He explained that people committed suicide because they felt that was a better option to have peace of mind after death adding, people who commit suicide; “feel nobody understands them, and because their visions are crowded by suspense and pains, it makes them not to see things objectively”.

He also attributed the rising numbers of suicide to the break-down of the traditional settings.

He said in years back, the family system supported each member especially during difficult times, but today, the focus was on individual life.

He said the act was becoming rampant because family ties, love, unity and togetherness was diminishing which making everybody to become self-centred with people carrying their burdens alone, leading to suicide.

Fr Amissah also attributed suicide to economic factors, quoting World Health Organization (WHO) report, which said 79 per cent of the people who committed suicide lived below the average income and were frustrated economically.

He called on individuals to build strong relationships with their God; “and we shouldn't be churchgoers, but believe and have faith in God.”

He cautioned the family to be concerned and create a platform for members to express themselves.

“They should be ready to help each other, we should share experiences with others”.

Source: GNA
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