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Pastor ‘exposes’ plans of occultic pastors, politicians in Ghana

Head Pastor of Doers Chapel International, Apostle Benjamin Anokye has “exposed” evils that are being schemed against the country by occultist pastors and politicians with a call on Ghanaians to be prayerful.

These ills, according to Apostle Anokye include road accidents, rise in occultism and kidnapping.

He said there is a grand scheme by the demonic pastors to cause tragic motor accidents and severe bloodshed on major roads in the country in the coming days.

He revealed the country is expected to record motor accidents every week and the airwaves flooded with news of the death of many Ghanaians who through no fault of theirs find their ways into these occult churches.

Preaching to his congregation Sunday, Apostle Anokye said, “I saw blood flowing on the streets of the nation and I saw pastors drinking it. The road to Volta Region, Western Region, the Ashanti Region and beyond to the north were flooded with blood and pastors drinking it. The attack begun this morning and it will be in the system till January 4.”

He said God has revealed to him about how occultism has taken over the country especially in churches and political sector.

“There will be a rise in occultism in Ghana. Unfortunately people that stand on behalf of God have joined the devil unknowingly or knowingly to take over the blood of people… basically every week we’ll be hearing news of accidents and the rate at which the people will be dying,” he stressed.

Apostle Anokye did not end his prophecy there but further made intercessory prayers to abort the wicked plans and also urged Ghanaians, particularly Christians to be cautious, rise and pray against the attacks.

His sermon was about “liberating ourselves as a Christian by discovering our identities in Christ thereby causing us to live above oppression and evil attacks.”

Source: newswiregh
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