I should have paid more attention – Man regrets friend’s suicide

Thu, 5 Apr 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Just when the rampant rate of suicide attempts in Ghana has decreased, the story of one Yusif, who took his life two days ago, has surfaced on social media.

The sad story of Yusif was published on Facebook by his friend and neighbour, who said he had a brief interaction with the deceased the night he took his life.

According to the friend of the deceased, who goes by the name Poko Poko on the social media, Yusif, prior to his death, was frustrated by his unemployment status after three years of completing his tertiary education.

As the first and only son of his parents, Yusif before his death lamented how his mother constantly pressured him to get a job to take care of the needs of the family and his own survival.

Poko Poko documented how the late Yusif voiced his admiration for him (Poko Poko) especially with how he had a good job while adding that life was going well for him without the slightest idea that Poko Poko was only engaging in menial jobs to survive.

Poko Poko, worried about his friend’s situation said, “My friend got me all sober with his lamentations but there was little I could do to help. I simply said “Charley ego bee, gave him GHC10 but he declined. That was how my meeting with him ended.”

He was however, shocked to find out that few hours after their conversation, Yusif was announced dead by his family after he took an unspecified amount of unprescribed drugs.

Regretting not spending more time with his “beloved” friend, Poko Poko wrote, “Maybe I should have paid more attention to the latter part of his lamentations (I know you didn't read it, go back and read).

Maybe I should have told him, me being all dressed up for work doesn't mean I work in any big company but I only go to town for "kpakpakpa" to make a living.

Maybe I should have spent hours talking to him when I saw him at the corner of the park.

Maybe I shouldn't have lied that "I've made more money now after university and only needed time to spend the it'. I only said that to portray satire.

Maybe when he declined my 10gh offer, I should have assisted and ensured he bought some food with that money.

Maybe I should have gone home with him and spend time watching videos on 4syte-TV together. Just to take his mind off stress and over thinking.

Maybe most importantly I should have spent hours convincing him that ‘no’.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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