It is ‘foolishness’ to commit suicide – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

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Wed, 22 Mar 2017 Source: asempanews.com

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has lamented the recent upsurge of suicide cases of young people taking their own lives.

Speaking to asempanews.com he said it is ‘foolishness’ for one to decide to take his or her life but was quick to add that this ‘foolishness’ comes about because parents and guardians do not teach young ones to place value on themselves hence they are left to themselves when they are faced with tough challenges in life.

“I have lived in the UK and I can tell you that suicide is a daily thing, except that the Ghanaian society we live in, this is not the norm for us which we thank God for and we should not allow it (suicide) to continue…”

Dr. Tetteh, who revealed that he has started a campaign in some tertiary institutions across the country to encourage students that “losing a boyfriend or girlfriend is not the end of the world” posited that the grading systems in examination is supposed to inspire students, but it ends up breaking them down instead.

“In any case, you didn’t go to school for a boyfriend or a girlfriend… You primarily did not go to school to marry… and failing an exam is also not the end of the world,” he averred.

The founder of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach Ministries charged authorities of schools to make the educational system work to enhance the confidence of students and not bully them.

“I know a university in the country where the Dean of Students who is tasked to ensure the welfare of students tend to be so strong and robust and so bullying that everybody is scared of them, where as they are supposed to help the student cope with their emotional needs,” he decried.

He added that the chaplaincy be utilized to counsel students: “The Chaplaincy in our various institutions should not be restricted to only Christians it must benefits all students atheist, Muslims, Hindus and others from various religious backgrounds… I had Hindi friends who benefited from these institutions.”

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Source: asempanews.com
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